Welcome to RSG Custom Reels. As with most sports there is something to be said for owning good equipment and becoming proficient with it. Once anglers have purchased this gear they most always consider upgrading, and when they have attained that certain skill level they usually look in other directions to satisfy their involvement with the sport. One area we see this in is with custom fishing rods. However, beyond that there is little in the way of customizing other gear you own. That’s where RSG Custom Reels comes in.

Most Steelheaders are unaware they can have a center pin reel custom designed to their specifications. Another option would be to choose one from the RSG collection of reels as they become available. Owning one of these reels is an investment in more than just a tool, but rather in a piece of functional artwork that is both practical in use and elegant to display. The comments I receive from clients that have purchased custom reels usually carries the same tone. “I can’t believe the interest and questions I get while on the river with this reel” or “It feels so good to be fishing among a crowd of guys that all have the same reels while mine is totally unique to only me”.

Aside from the unique designs of RSG Custom Reels is the unsurpassed quality consisting of handmade processes on manual machinery. Only the best materials go into each reel. With tight tolerances and attention to detail each reel is manufactured to the highest quality possible. No two custom reels are ever the same. Also, future plans for limited run production custom reels are also a consideration consisting of no more than twelve reels for any given design. This type of project reel will appeal to the hard core collector.  

It’s time to consider a RSG Custom Made Center Pin Float Reel for your next purchase.